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Shimadzu have joined forces with our customers in our shared quest to promote ‘Excellence in Science’, a core philosophy of our organisation around the world.  Our commitment to support our customers with their scientific endeavours and own promotional initiatives provides an opportunity to deepen relationships and work together as a team in a positive, collaborative way.  This partnership approach is demonstrated below in a series of interesting, short video stories that will entertain and inform you!  Follow this page to see examples of Advocate Customers and be sure to check back in the future as the library grows!

Chemistry Research at the University of Cambridge – Chemistry in Cambridge aims to support fundamental science of the highest quality in a first class physical environment. The Department includes a large number of internationally recognised research groups covering an exceptionally broad spectrum of chemical science ranging from molecular biology to geophysics.

Chemistry teaching at the University of Oxford - Oxford’s Department of Chemistry is one of the world’s largest and most successful research departments, birthplace of the lithium-ion battery and the glucose sensor, and home to Nobel-prize winning research on chemical reaction rates, radioactivity, organic synthesis, and the structure of penicillin.

The EaStCHEM School of Chemistry at The University of St Andrews - The University of St Andrews is the oldest in Scotland and recently celebrated its 600-year anniversary. It is ranked 3rd in the 2016 Guardian University Guide and has an established world-wide reputation for educational excellence. The EaStCHEM School of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews seeks to promote excellence in research and teaching, providing a state-of-the-art environment for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional study.

The School of Chemistry at the University of Cardiff - The Cardiff School of Chemistry provides an outstanding and stimulating environment for chemical research and education. Its excellent reputation in modern chemical science attracts over 250 students from around the world every year; 180 students to undergraduate Mchem and BSc programmes, 30 students to MSc programmes and 45 to postgraduate research.

The University of Sheffield -  The University of Sheffield has been providing high-quality education before its foundation in 1905 and continues to invest in excellent facilities for students. The recently completed £87 million pound Diamond building realises the Faculty of Engineering’s ambitious vision to create the best integrated engineering teaching space in the UK, if not the world.

Redcar & Cleveland College Oil & Gas Academy - The Oil and Gas International Training Academy is a division of Redcar & Cleveland College. This is a further education college located in the North  East of England and situated on a new £26M campus within the heart of Redcar. The college has also added a £4M Higher Education and Conference Centre extension to its site. The Academy offers specialist bespoke training courses designed to enhance and develop current skill sets as well as developing new ones. They are built on the back of current, up to date and highly renowned industry recognised courses.

The Department of Chemistry At Lancaster University - Lancaster University’s Department of Chemistry is one of the newest chemistry departments in the UK. Based in modern class-leading laboratories, the department, part of a top 10 ranked university, is already delivering exciting modern undergraduate degrees at both BSc and MChem.

University Days at Shimadzu - Shimadzu are committed to Excellence in Science. To support this philosophy we provide high quality competence development workshops to help participants grow their knowledge and skills so their scientific analysis is the best it can be! The workshops cover Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry; UHPLC/HPLC/LCMS, Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry; GC/GCMS and also Spectroscopy; UV VIS and FTIR. Venues include our Centre of Excellence in Milton Keynes and also our new facilities at Livingston, near Edinburgh in Scotland.

Aston University – Innovation Through Sustainable Chemistry - Aston’s European Bioenergy Research Institute is the UK’s largest research centre focusing on the scientific and technological aspects of biomass conversion and utilisation for the production of renewable power, transportation fuels and bio-derived chemicals, underpinned by advanced clean catalytic technologies and innovative green chemistry.

ProMetic BioSciences Ltd – The Home of Bioseparations Technology ProMetic BioSciences Ltd (PBL) is the home of ProMetic’s bioseparations technology with research and development laboratories located in Cambridge, UK and manufacturing facilities on the Isle of Man. The company is best known for its affinity chromatography adsorbents and protein purification technologies which are widely used for the manufacture of therapeutic proteins and also have applications in medical devices and diagnostics.

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