BRITISH CANNABIS® - Proving product quality with HPLC

There is a rising interest in cannabis products in UK over the past few years. However, this sector is currently unregulated, with many companies having little or no quality assurance. BRITISH CANNABIS® turned to Shimadzu’s HPLC Cannabis Analyzer to be able to demonstrate the quality of its products and provide chromatographic evidence about the constituents of their cannabis oils. They’ve been able to meet the requirements of pharmacists, and so in a short space of time have become the UK’s best-selling brand of these supplements.


Head of Scientific Research & Development explained:

“Using Shimadzu’s Cannabis Analyzer, we can be confident that the cannabinoid content of our oils is exactly what we say on the label” 


The performance of the HPLC system at BRITISH CANNABIS® is amply demonstrated by this analysis of an 11-component 90.9 ppm standard. Note the good peak separation and the run time of less than 10 minutes.



“The level of service we get from Shimadzu is beyond anything we’d expect from other instrument companies – we could not recommend a better team to work with”

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