CatSci - Beyond Process Chemistry

CatSci is a scientifically-led, commercially-mined and award-winning innovation partner for medicines development dedicated to developing economically and environmentally sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The company is currently expanding its capabilities in materials science, analytical science and preformulation studies and has opened a new CatSci analytical laboratory at LondonEast, Dagenham.

We are proud to welcome CatSci Ltd amongst our customers and collaborators. The new laboratory is equipped with the latest technology from Shimadzu including HPLC/UHPLC, LCMS, GC and GCMS instrumentation, all controlled via LabSolutions CS software, giving 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

The company’s enhanced capabilities will include addressing additional modalities and asset classes, such as oligonucleotides, alongside additional capacity for GMP analytical testing. 

This exciting collaboration shall promote ground-breaking scientific analysis and further advances in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Nigel Richardson, the Director of Analytical Technology and New Modalities at CatSci stated:

We are delighted to be partnering with Shimadzu to build the new CatSci analytical laboratory at LondonEast, Dagenham, UK. Through this collaboration we will power the delivery of tailored analytical solutions to our customers with access to state-of-art equipment and engineering. Together with Shimadzu, we aim to set a new exemplary standard for measurement science to expedite medicines development’’.

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