Living customer orientation, process optimization, increasing economic viability - Shimadzu´s quality management

With our high-quality products we aim at customer needs and we are committed to reach absolute quality orientation and customer satisfaction in our entire processes. Our quality management also becomes the driving force for the continuous improvement of our performance. In addition, Shimadzu sets as highest priority, to be in accordance with ethical values, environment and nature. 

The basis of our success lies in our enthusiastic and motivated personnel who, in close cooperation with our customers, design and realize individual solutions.

  • Shimadzu cares for the environment 
  • We support our customers  
  • We plan our future conscientiously
  • Shimadzu has an efficient and constant Quality-Management-System

The ISO 9001:2008 Certification confirms that Shimadzu provides the required processes and standards for its encouragement in a sustainable and good working quality management. 

Shimadzu lives customer orientation and searches continuously for new solutions for economic viability. 


Shimadzu´s ecologic engagement:

Eco Label for exceptionally ecofriendly systems

Sustainability, environmental and climate protection cannot be delegated. These issues concern each and every individual, families, groups and societies, as well as corporations being part of the economic cycle and industries which  consume and process resources.

Since the mid 1990’s Shimadzu has specified ‘environmental protection and harmony with nature’ as part of its corporate philosophy and mission. Shimadzu’s analytical instruments contribute to the protection of human health and the environment. Many systems help to recognize negative effects on the environment, for instance conventional gas chromatographs are applied for the analysis of pesticides in the environment and in foods.


Shimadzu has created its own eco-label under which new products have been developed. The new products generate less CO2 emissions during operation and use at least 25 % less energy compared to their predecessor models, thereby reducing running costs.

The eco-label is already featured on Shimadzu’s

  • GCMS-TQ8040
  • GCMS-QP2010 Ultra and SE
  • GC-2025
  • LC-20AP systems
  • Nexera MP (UHPLC)
  • TOC-L series

Energy Saving Program

On account of our responsibility, Shimadzu has issued an energy-saving program. Through energy-friendly manufacturing processes, CO2 emissions have been reduced in its production facilities – for instance by use of solar energy. The rate of consumption of composite materials has also been reduced. The percentage of green office supplies and production materials could be increased to 90 % and66 % respectively. Technical improvements of air conditioning systems as well as wastewater treatment also contribute to environmental protection at Shimadzu.

Further commitments

In addition to lower materials and lower energy consumption, one of the current instruments – the GCMS-QP2010 Ultra – also features an eco-mode for stand-by operation. Furthermore, environmentally friendly materials in accordance with RoHS guidelines are used in the manufacture. Further savings in the operation of these instruments, for instance via the reduction of consumables and applied gases or an extension of maintenance interval, also have an effect on the supply chain. This reduces the need for on-site service and contributes to energy saving at customer service departments.

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