Food Analysis Seminar


In food and beverage industries, it is essential to ensure high product quality during several steps in the production process, from the quality control of raw materials (e.g. natural products) to their treatment during and after production. Authorities constantly work on new regulations to ensure high food quality and safety, therefore, rising the demands of food testing laboratories.

This free seminar, run in collaboration with Merck, is aimed at everyone working in food testing industry. 

What's included

  •  Learn more about the latest applications in food analysis
  •  Tips & tricks for range of analytical methods in the food laboratory
  •  Opportunity to network and exchange ideas with industry experts


Shimadzu UK Centre of Excellence, Mill Court, Featherstone Road, Milton Keynes MK12 5RD 



6th November 2019, 9 am  - 4 pm

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9:00 Registration
9:30 Welcome and Introduction from Shimadzu and Merck
9:50 GCMS applications for the food industry
Annina Smith, Shimadzu UK
10:20 Unique selectivity & capabilities of ionic liquid GC capillary columns, including water determination with GC
Klaus Buckendahl, Merck
10:50 Coffee Break
11:10 Determination of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in Plant Material using SFC-MS/MS
Dr Raymond Wong, Shimadzu UK 
11:40 Utilising Chiral HPLC and GC for Accurate Monitoring of Safety, Authenicity and Identity in Food
Denise Wallworth, PhD, Merck
12:10 Lunch Break
13:10 Suitable quality of purified water in the analytical lab of food and beverage industry from Merck
Pat Rashid, Merck
Analysis of gut microbial metabolites of polyphenols using LC-MS: application to personalised nutrition  
Wafa Alotaibi, King's College London
13:50 Sample preperation for fatty & complex food matrices, new tools for SPE & QuEChERS providing higher efficiency and more reliable results
Dr Martin Finkbeiner, Merck
Coffee Break
QuEChERS extracted pesticide quantitation using high resolution accurate mass QTOF analysis at high data acquisition speed​
Dr Christopher Titman, Shimadzu UK
Filtration and Particle-Monitoring in the F&B Lab & Sample Preparation for instrumental Analytics
Uwe Wagner, Merck
15:40 Final discussion
16:00 End of Seminar


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