Key Technologies

The LCMS-9030 uses newly patented technologies to deliver both high resolution and accurate mass, attributes essential for confident formula assignment and unknown identification. High-efficiency ion guides, quadrupole, and collision cell enable high sensitivity for the detection of trace-level compounds. Unique UFgrating and iRefTOF technologies ensure ultrafast acceleration of ions into the fiight tube (UF-FlightTube) and ideal reflection of those ions back to the detector. The result is high-speed data acquisition compatible with the high-throughput laboratory.

High-Efficiency Quadrupole Technologies

UFaccumulation™ (Pat. US 10020181)

Ion accumulation in the collision cell, synchronized perfectly with short cycles of data acquisition, maximizes sensitivity.

UFgrating™ (Pat. US 9048082)

Shimadzu's world-class manufacturing capability has enabled the ion acceleration electrode to be made with substantial mechanical strength. This grating is able to withstand the high voltages needed for ultrafast ion pulsing.

Funnel MCP

Lossless microchannel plate design maximizes sensitivity.

UF-FlightTube™ (Patent Pending)

Mass accuracy needs mass stability. Shimadzu's temperature-controlled UF-FlightTube requires less frequent calibration, enabling you to run more samples.

iRef TOF™ (Pat. US 8772708, 9490114)

A computationally ideal electrostatic field has become a reality. Meticulously manufactured plate electrodes are stacked to create a reflectron which turns ions with no compromise in resolution or sensitivity.

A Slim, Floor-Standing Design

The simple and compact design conserves valuable laboratory space.


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