LabSolutions™ LCMS Software, A Simple Analytical Platform

LabSolutions Insight™ Explore

  Software for Both Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

LabSolutions Insight Explore offers an intuitive and full-featured quantitative environment with significant qualitative enhancements. A sophisticated peak detection algorithm detects chromatographic features based on their accurate mass. Resulting peak displays enable ranked formula prediction with theoretical spectral matching. A deconvolution algorithm is also provided for analysis of polyvalent ions.


  Quantitative Analysis

High-sensitivity MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring) analysis performed on the LCMS-9030 can eliminate background interferences by using accurate mass detection. Used together with Shimadzu’s ion accumulation feature, extraordinary Q-TOF sensitivity is delivered. Insight provides a complete and flexible quantitative interface with user-defined flags to facilitate review by exception.


  Formula Prediction

To facilitate unknown identification, Insight integrates formula prediction capabilities. High-resolution accurate mass data is utilized to create a list of possible formulas, displayed according to user preference. Theoretical spectra and isotope patterns can be used for putative identification. In the example below, the pesticide Boscalid was identified in a green tea extract.


  Multivalent Ion Analysis (Deconvolution)

For the deconvolution of multiple charge state envelopes produced by large molecules, such as proteins and oligonucleotides, LabSolutions Insight Explore includes ReSpect. This multivalent ion analysis algorithm from Positive Probability Ltd detects related multi-charged peaks and calculates the mass of the original species. Excellent mass accuracy was obtained in the example below.


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