Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry

LC/MS is becoming an increasingly indispensable tool in many application fields. It provides the solution to the high reliability, productivity and sensitivity demanded in the areas of pharmaceuticals, food science, chemicals, and environmental analysis. 

Shimadzu LC/MS systems have continually been at the forefront of instrument sensitivity, stability and ease of operation. Learn more below about Shimadzu's full product range.

Product Lineup

LCMS-2020 - Single Quadrupole MS

Ultra high-speed mass spectrometer compatible for the first time with ultra high-speed liquid...


LCMS-8040 Enhanced Sensitivity...


Experience a New Realm of High-Sensitivity & High-Speed Performance...


The LCMS-8060 is a ground breaking innovation in mass spectrometry helping to transform LC/MS/MS...

Nexera MX

Higher throughput is of the utmost importance to laboratory efficiency and profitability. Nexera MX...


Accomplishes Both High Sensitivity and Ultra-High-Speed Detection Equipped with a...


Direct Probe Ionization Mass Spectrometer The DPiMS-2020 is a single quadrupole mass...

C2MAP System

New Cell Culture Media Analysis Platform for Fundamental Research and...

Nexera Mikros

The Nexera Mikros can be used to detect target components with higher sensitivity than with semi-micro flowrate compatible LCMS systems, which perform measurements within a flowrate range of 100 μL/min to 500 μL/min.


Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer The LCMS-...

CLAM - 2030

Fully Automated Sample Preparation Module for LCMS™ Based on Shimadzu's Extensive Experience...


The LCMS-8060NX is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with world-class sensitivity and detection speeds. It boasts increased robustness and ease of use as well as Analytical Intelligence to maximize your laboratory’s output.

LCMS In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices

 Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Chromatography components for in vitro diagnostic applications

Solution System Packages

LabSolutions Insight Library Screening

LC/MS/MS Screening Software

Accessories & Components

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