UV-1900: a new standard for UV/Vis spectroscopy

High end technology for maximum performance:

Dual beam optic system including patented LOW-RAY-LIGHTM diffraction grating

  • Lowest stray light for extended linearity range (up to 4 Abs.)
  • High resolution of 1 nm
  • High fidelity measurement guarantee by maximum photometric repeatability accuracy (0.0001 Abs @ 1 Abs.)

Faster than ever

  • Ultra-Fast scan function: 29,000 nm/min

Press Cuttings

Industry's fastest level scan function and LabSolutions UV-Vis control software

All analysis at the tap of finger:

Large color touchscreen for standalone use

  • Easy-to-see icons to provide intuitive understanding
  • 6 measurement modes are directly accessible

Compliant with the strongest regulations

  • Integrated Instrument Validation Functions are compliant with JP, USP, and EP

LabSolutions UV-Vis Software: enhanced possibilities

Optimize laboratory work

  • Simple design enables first-time users to perform operations with confidence
  • Analysis report can be generate in only one click
  • Spectra Evaluation Function for efficient quality control operations
  • Optimal Parameter for Peak Detection are automatically sets

LabSolutions DB/CS software (option) are compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

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