New tools for LabSolutions LCMS software for the LCMS-8060

Fully Automated MRM Optimization

Its faster and easier to optimize quantitative parameters. Our new MRM optimization software reduces the time by 25%.

Synchronized Survey Scan

Shimadzu proprietary Synchronized Survey Scan (SSS) automatically performs a product ion scanning whenever a pre-set survey scan threshold is exceeded. For survey scan, either MRM or full scan are applicable. It is very effective data acquisition mode especially for screening application which you want to get quantitative results with higher confidence.

In this example, we have conducted the multiple time segmented MRM measurement with full scan dependent product ion scanning with three different collision energies in entire elution time. The new functionality in SSS now allows different collision energies to be applied to same precursor ion for product ion scanning significantly enhancing qualitative workflows. That means you can use a product ion scan to seek unknown compounds you did not list on MRM events. The improvement of scan sensitivity in LCMS-8060 proposes you a new way for untargeted screening.

Intuitive User Interface

For high throughput laboratories we have developed a new approach in helping simplify the user experience. Quick batch makes it easier to perform routine LC/MS/MS analyses and changes to the Control Panel help method development.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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