Nexera X2 Series

Nexera X2 achieves a new milestone in the evolution of liquid chromatography

Nexera X2 Series:
A full range of

configurations to meet your applications needs…

Nexera SR

features superior sensitivity, resolution and stability. i-PDeA* (Patent pending) offers new separation technology. 

*intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis

Nexera UHPLC/HPLC system

enables switching from UHPLC to HPLC in a single system using a selection of mixers and columns.

Nexera Quaternary

is a flexible quaternary gradient system that is HPLC and UHPLC compatible.

Nexera Method Scouting

offers comprehensive method development using 96 combinations of mobile phases and columns.

Nexera MP

is an LC/MS frontend HPLC for high-throughput analysis of multiple samples.

Nexera TQ and Nexera SQ

offers ultrafast LC/MS and LC/MS/MS analysis.

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