MALDI-8020/ LCMS 9030 Offer: Unrivalled MS output for your lab

Get state-of-the-art MALDI-8020 and newly released LCMS-9030 in a combined package for optimum value.

  •  Use the powerful combination of both instruments for the full complement of results
  •  Extend your MS coverage and the breadth of data generated
  •  Gain unrivalled MS output for your lab, at a great price*

The recently launched LCMS-9030 provides patented Q-TOF technology for the fastest, highest sensitivity analysis to date. 

With a small foot-print, the MALDI-8020 provides quick, accurate bench-top MALDI-TOF analysis, with rapid sample loading and data acquisition.

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Advantages of using parallel MALDI-TOF and Q-TOF LC/MS analyses


The use of two instruments, with separate ionization sources, can broaden MS coverage and data output for your sample analysis. They provide a choice of techniques ready to use, without the need to change set ups in a single machine.


How your research will benefit

  • •   Increase data quality and output for each individual sample

    •   Expand your throughput – report more in less time

    •   Improve sample depth and diversify the chemical space available for analysis

    •   Gain a wider range of applications with MALDI and LCMS in parallel

    •   Use MALDI for a fast prescreen option, prior to LCMS

    •   Make your funding go further with our competitive price* for two instruments

Advantages over other systems

  • •   Speed of analysis: Both instruments offer fast analytical speed, compared to other systems

    •   Cost: Combined package with reduced pricing, makes your funding go further

    •   Improved quantitative and qualitative analysis: Get key advantages in the breadth and quality of your analysis


*Terms and Conditions: This offer is available in the UK only. Get in touch with us for pricing information.  Tel:01908552209

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