Puncture Impact Testing Machine

Hydroshot HITS-P10

High-Speed Puncture Impact Testing Machine

High-Speed Puncture Impact Testing Machine

Puncture Impact Testing (Puncture Test) Mandatory for Impact Evaluation of Resin Materials

With more and more requests being voiced for improved safety reliability in the automobile, electric and other industries, the evaluation of impact fracture properties of materials is becoming more and more important. 

The check point in material strength evaluation that has conventionally been only static strength has expanded to include the scope of impact fracture properties. The impact fracture properties of materials are also used in the selection of product materials and in fundamental data for quality control, being greatly applied for the purpose of improving R&D efficiency and product reliability.

The impact fracture properties and materials evaluation data of fracture types such as this can be measured easily by the Shimadzu Hydroshot HITS-P10.


  • Speed can be set arbitrarily up to 72 km/h (20 m/sec).
  • The maximum impact force, energy, displacement (deformation) and fracture type, and other test parameters can be easily evaluated and output as graphs.
  • Improved test efficiency is also aided by controlled temperature environments (thermostatic chambers), specimen stackers and other options.
  • The pneumatically operated specimen retaining mechanism can be easily operated.
  • ISO 6603-2, JIS K7211-2 (draft), ASTM D3763 compatible


Testing machine capacity 10 kN
Testing speed range
1 m/s to 20 m/s
Piston stroke
0 to 300 mm
Measuring devices
Speed/position setting, Start/interlock circuit,
High-response amplifier, Hydraulic operation, Safety circuits
Data measuring system
(high-speed A/D conversion, PC, software)
Test force, displacement measurement and data processing, 
Setup by wizards
Test jigs
Punch striker, ISO/JIS/ASTM-compatible, specimen supports
Safety interlocks
Safety cover open/close interlock, hydraulic charging interlock, test start interlock
Thermostatic chamber (optional) Temperature setting range (-40 °C to 150 °C)
Main unit
Power supply:  200 V, 3-phase 6 kVA
100 V, single-phase 1.5 kVA
Air: Approx. 0.6 MPa
Thermostatic chamber Power supply: 200 V, 3-phase 12 kVA
Cooling water: 50 L/min (at water temperature 30 °C)

*Various testing jigs, thermostatic chambers, specimen stackers, and other options also are available.

[Evaluation Targets]

Automobile parts, Plastics

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