The New IRSpirit Compact FTIR

Open a world of new possibilities

Key Features:

  • Space efficient, high performance system
  • Easy and quick analysis
  • Large choice of accessories


  • KRS-5 window for high-humidity environments
  • EDXIR Software for easy identification of both inorganic and organic contaminants
  • LabSolutions secure database or client server software (CFR Part11 compliance)

IRSpirit FTIR spectrophotometers

Shimadzu has announced the release of its IRSpirit series of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometers.

Smallest footprint…

  • Smaller than A3 paper Sheet
  • Weighs only 8.5 Kg
  • Specially designed for use in narrow spaces
  • Large accessible work compartment

...meets exceptional ease of use and functionality

  • IRSpirit : one family, two spectrometers
    • IRSpirit-L : LiTAO3 detector
    • IRSpirit-T : temperature controlled DLaTGS detector
  • Automatic accessory recognition
  • IRPilot program:
    • 23 pre-set application programs 
    • Launch analysis without parameters setting
    • Easy access functions for spectral interpretations
  • Easy Macro function for routine analysis procedures

Results of 60th Shimadzu experience in IR Spectroscopy

  • Dynamic alignment of Michelson interferometer
  • High sensitivity: S/N ratio of 30,000:1 (KBr)
  • Light indicators displaying instrument status
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