Shimadzu Centre of Excellence Training Courses 2017: An Introduction to Practical HPLC with Prof. Mel Euerby

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Professor Mel Euerby’s career in the field of chromatography has spanned over 30 years (with 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and 8 years in the stationary phase industry).  An internationally renowned speaker and referee for numerous scientific journals, he was awarded The Chromatographic Society Silver Jubilee Medal in 2007 and has recently been nominated as The Chromatographic Society Lecturer responsible for promoting the “up skilling” of the chromatographic community.  He has 116 publications in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of chromatography and organic chemistry.  He is a visiting Professor at Strathclyde University (25 years) and The Open University (7 years).  He is currently Leader of Shimadzu’s Centre of Excellence in Liquid Chromatography.

Milton Keynes York Livingston
Part 1: Feb 2nd 2017 Feb 7th 2017 Feb 9th 2017
Part 2: March 2nd 2017 March 7th 2017 March 9th 2017



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Course Summary:

Beginners HPLC - what you really need to know!

This course is divided into two separate one day sessions for ease of learning and for the implementation of the practical knowledge gained back at the attendee’s place of work.  It is not a prerequisite that the attendee should have any prior knowledge or practical experience of HPLC although a basic knowledge of HPLC would be useful.   The course is taught in an informal (only the equations that you really need to know will be discussed!), easy paced and practical way.  The goals of the course are to equip the attendee with the knowledge and skill base with which to perform HPLC analysis in a reproducible manner and hopefully “kick start” them into an enjoyable career in HPLC and to attend more advanced courses in the future.

Who Would Benefit from Attending this Course:

With chromatographic technology continuously advancing and laboratory practices evolving the Shimadzu Centre of Excellence training courses help share the latest developments and procedures in order to facilitate a productive laboratory. This course has been designed to support those involved in HPLC in a practical and theoretical capacity.

Course Topics:

This course will allow you to aquire a firm understanding of the fundamentals of HPLC whilst enable you to implement key processes to make analysis within your laboratory easier and efficient.

Basic principles of HPLC Modes of Liquid Chromatography Detectors
Anatomy of an HPLC Best Practices Columns
Isocratic versus Gradient HPLC Basic Troubleshooting Mobile Phases


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