Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry

With the LCMS-2050, the LCMS-9050 and the iMScope QT, Shimadzu completes the offer in the LCMS range with compact fast single quadrupole and high-resolution Mass Spectrometers. These are the latest additions to the Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometry (UFMS) series, with Shimadzu’ s proprietary high-speed Ultra-Fast Technologies. The UFMS series not only provides higher sensitivity performance but also greater excellence in data quality, enabling dramatic improvements in analytical throughput and expanding the potential range of applications. Utilizing the same user-friendly interface as HPLC/UHPLC and GC/GCMS modules, LabSolutions workstation and LabSolutions Insight software provides intuitive functionality for more efficient data processing and an easier, more productive analytical workflow.

Product Lineup


The LCMS-8060 is a ground breaking innovation in mass spectrometry helping to transform LC/MS/MS...


Experience a New Realm of High-Sensitivity & High-Speed Performance...


LCMS-8040 Enhanced Sensitivity...

LCMS-2020 - Single Quadrupole MS

Ultra high-speed mass spectrometer compatible for the first time with ultra high-speed liquid...


Accomplishes Both High Sensitivity and Ultra-High-Speed Detection Equipped with a...


Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer The LCMS-...

iMScope QT

The iMScope QT boasts not only fusion with morphology studies but also excellent speed,


The LCMS-2050 provides both high speed and high sensitivity analysis even in a small design. We have achieved the utmost in both miniaturization and high performance with Shimadzu's technology cultivated over many years of MS development. A single platform, a single solution for LC detection, the LCMS-2050 has the power to deliver better results with incredible simplicity and unparalleled robustness.


The LCMS -9050 is a quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer that inherits technology from Shimadzu's LCMS series and achieves the highest class of mass accuracy. Shimadzu's proprietary high-precision temperature control system suppresses precise mass changes due to external factors, allowing precise mass measurements to be made without the need for mass calibration.

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