Ultra-High Reliability(2)

Ultra-High Reliability(2)

LabSolutions LCMS Version 5 is an integrated software workstation used to control.LCMS-2020/8030/8040 systems. Full HPLC control is included for LC-VP and Prominence modules, and for the Nexera UHPLC series. Standard data processing features include a Quantitation Browser, which is useful for quantitative processing of multiple analytes, and a Data Browser for overlaying chromatograms. The Data Browser allows the user to analyze and compare multiple sets of data, such as multiple chromatograms or LCMS spectra in the same window. It also allows LC and MS data to be linked, which is especially useful when searching for or identifying compounds. In addition, the popular report function was expanded to enable printing results in a wider variety of formats.

Automatic MRM Optimization

Optimizing MRM parameters is an important step when creating quantitative methods for triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.LCMS-8030/8040 systems optimize MRM parameters using automated flow injection analysis, and an optimization function included in LabSolutions that allows anyone to optimize parameters easily

LC/MS/MS Method Packages

When performing quantitation, system parameters must first be optimized. Shimadzu offers various method packages to eliminate the need for MRM determination and chromatographic method development.

Ready-to-Use Methods

Shimadzu's method packages contain LabSolutions method files, which include pre-registered MRM parameters with optimized quantitative and reference ions, LC separation parameters, retention times, and peak identification parameters for various compounds. Report templates for outputting quantitative results are also included. By using these method packages, a laboratory can save a great deal of method development time

Methods Easily Customized

LabSolutions LCMS Version 5 now allows the transfer of individual MRMs from one method to another. Adding, deleting, and editing of compounds is easily accomplished in an intuitive format. Method packages also include a compound parameter list created in Excel, which enables the creation of new tables that list only the components needed.

LC/MS/MS Method Package for Drugs of Abuse: 286 compounds

The drugs of abuse method package was developed for both quantitative and qualitative drug screening analysis. The speed of Shimadzu’s LCMS allows product ion scans for qualitative confirmation to be employed during MRM quantitation. Shimadzu refers to the use of an MRM response to trigger a product ion scan as Synchronized Survey Scanning™ (SSS). This method package includes SSS methods for 87 illicit drugs, 105 psychotropics, 70 hypnotics, and 24 other substances, based on input from researchers. In addition, it includes a library populated with compound information and product ion scan spectra for a total of 286 compounds. MRM parameters and product ion spectra measurement parameters have been optimized for each compound. Finally, because of the ease with which methods may be edited, new analytical methods for a shorter list of compounds can easily be generated.

Profiling Solution Version 1.1

Compatible with LCMS-IT-TOF,
LCMS-2020/8030/8040, and GC-MS Data

Profiling Solution is software for comparing and contrasting the vast amount of data obtained from multiple chromatographic sets. It extracts and tabulates all peaks found in multiple data files to create the peak tables required for multivariate analysis. Furthermore, Profiling Solution is compatible with both LC-MS and GC-MS instruments, which allows supporting multivariate analysis using a wide variety of analytical methods.

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