Ultra-High Sensitivity/Ultra-High Speed(1)

Ultra-High Sensitivity/Ultra-High Speed(1)

Higher Sensitivity with Improved Ion Optics

The UF-Lens is a lens system that offers both higher sensitivity and easier maintenance. The optical system integrates two multi-pole RF ion guides for higher sensitivity. In addition, the lens system can be removed without tools for easy cleaning.


Signal losses between ion optics are minimized on the LCMS-8040 by utilizing the superior ion focusing capabilities of quadrupole ion guides.

A comparison of Q1 scan results with an autotuning standard sample (a mixture of PEG, PPG, and raffinose) obtained from the LCMS-8030 and LCMS-8040 is shown to the right. Target ions used for ESI+ auto-tuning are plotted (m/z 65.05, 168.10, 256.15, 344.20, 652.40, 1004.60, and 1224.75). A significant sensitivity increase across a broad molecular weight range in full scan measurement is demonstrated.

Higher CID Efficiency with Improved Collision Cell

The UFsweeper II is a high-sensitivity, high-speed collision cell that features improved efficiency of collision induced dissociation by using a pseudo-quadrupole ion guide. This yields quicker and better product ion transmission in the collision cell, maintaining signal intensity and dramatically suppressing crosstalk, even when shorter dwell and pause times are used. The capability for high-throughput analysis is thus maintained at lower levels of detection.

The LCMS-8040 offers higher sensitivity while maintaining the ultrafast performance of the LCMS-8030. The figures below show simultaneous analysis of 167 pesticides in MRM mode with a polarity switching. Even though positive and negative ions were measured simultaneously, both the LCMS-8030 and LCMS-8040 accurately identified all 167 components. In addition,the LCMS-8040 showed significantly improved sensitivity.

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