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Live Demonstration on our stand!

Advanced Techniques for Reducing LC Method Development Time

Computational based simulation and retention modelling software allows chromatographers to obtain robust, accurate and optimal separation conditions for a set of analytes, potentially in a matter of hours rather than days or even weeks. But, only when the limited amount of data that is required is precise and of sufficient quality. By using a PDA with Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis (i-PDeA) we can peak track and integrate analytes with greater confidence. Other enhanced software functions including Analytical Conditions Transfer and Optimization (ACTO) allows development and optimisation of methods for systems of different dwell volumes on a single instrument, and co-solvent injection allows improvements of often poor peak shapes of early eluting analytes.


Demonstration timings

30th April - 11:00am
1st May - 11:00am

Seminar on Advanced Techniques for Reducing LC Method Development Time

Join us on 1st May at 2 PM

Dr Richard Hodgson, Pharmaceutical Market Specialist, Shimadzu UK


Richard Hodgson has extensive experience with liquid chromatography since gaining his Ph.D. in Chemistry and subsequent academic research positions. A decade of experience with LC applications has led to his current position at Shimadzu UK Ltd as a Pharmaceutical Market Specialist. Whilst this role covers a wide range of responsibilities Richard is still keen on hands on laboratory analysis and is part of a team developing novel market driven applications and solutions.       



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