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Live Demonstration on our stand!

From Balance to Backup - The complete data integrity solution

In any analytical laboratory the importance of data integrity is well known. Typically, acquisition, processing, approval, reporting and secure storage of data can be adequately covered by the majority of instrument software. However, there is often no secure data integrity link between different pieces of analytical equipment. During our live demonstration we will show full data integrity from weighing out a sample, analysis of that sample on multiple analytical instruments, followed by processing, approval, reporting and secure storage of the results, all on a single software package.

Demonstration timings

24 April - 11:00, 14:00
25 April - 11:00

Seminar on Data Integrity

Join us on 24th April at 4:35 - 4:55PM

Dave Houlker, Technical Manager Shimadzu UK


Dave has an extensive career encompassing Analytical Technologies and Regulatory Requirements applied to Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Environmental and Forensic sciences. Experience of this range of techniques and an interest in computing, led to a focus on Informatics and System Integration. Dave is currently Technical Manager for Shimadzu in the UK. This role is largely focussed on Informatics and Data Integrity. Having a fully equipped Evaluation Laboratory allows for him to be the first to implement new software technologies and platforms to help customers address their Data Integrity and Laboratory Instrument control requirements.



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