DNA/RNA Analysis / Spectro

Applications for Spectro


Three-Dimensional Spectra Measurement of Fluorescent Probes used for DNA Detection

DNA probes labeled with fluorescent dye (below referred to as fluorescent probes) are used extensively to detect and identify specific DNA when conducting life science studies. The mechanism involves the selective binding of the probe to specific DNA, thereby permitting the detection of that DNA. However, due to the wide variety of fluorescent dyes, it is important to know the exact wavelength at which the probe fluoresces to ensure DNA detection. Here, using the three-dimensional spectral measurement feature of the RF-6000 Spectrofluorophotometer, we introduce examples of fluorescence measurement of two types of fluorescent probes.


Quantitation of dsDNA Using the Micro-Volume BioSpec-nano Spectrophotometer

The Shimadzu BioSpec-nano is a low-maintenance micro-volume spectrophotometer designed for the modern life science laboratory. It offers superior detection limits, up to 10 times better compared to the competition, making it the perfect instrument for quantitation of DNA, RNA, Protein analysis, and photometric measurements. The “Drop and Click” design combined with easy sample mounting and automated cleaning offers a rapid 3 second analysis time and a 10 second cycle time between samples.

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