LabSolutions DB GCMS / LabSolutions CS

Bolster your data management system and ensure complete data integrity.

LabSolutions DB/CS is the integration software for analytical instruments that complies with regulations regarding electronic records and signatures, such as "FDA 21 CFR Part 11" and "ER/ES guidelines". Data management with LabSolutions prevents overwriting or deleting analysis data. It also offers a complete suite of advanced security features to provide an optimal solution for data integrity.

* LabSolutions DB GCMS / LabSolutions CS is compatible with the following instruments: GCMS-QP2020 NX, GCMS-QP2020, GCMS-QP2010 Ultra, and GCMS-QP2010 SE.
* There are some pretreatment devices and functions compatible with GCMSsolution but not with LabSolutions DB GCMS / LabSolutions CS.

Network System: LabSolutions CS

Data acquired from multiple systems can be reviewed or confirmed using client computers connected via a LAN or other network. If multiple systems are used, data obtained from each system can be reviewed from any client computer. Even in the case of multiple analysts using the same system, the ability to separate analytical work from measurement work improves work efficiency.

Labsolutions Overview

*1 The acquisition control PC controls analytical instruments. It can also be used to send analytical instructions and perform postrun analysis, just like a client PC.
*2 If a terminal service is used, then LabSolutions software does not need to be installed on client PCs.
*3 If an iPad is used, then XenApp from Citrix must be installed.

Standalone Database System: LabSolutions DB

LabSolutions DB manages data by connecting a computer with analysis instruments, which do not have network connections. It is recommended for facilities that do not require network connections and want to be ER/ES compliant with one computer.

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